Internship & Work Experience Programs

Below is a listing of general and college-specific resources for internship and work experience programs at Penn State. Please note that all addresses listed are at Penn State's University Park campus.

General Resources

Career Services
Coordinates internship and work experience sessions presented by company representatives that recruit on campus. Career Services also offers tips about finding and preparing for Internships, helps students Build Experience NOW, and maintains a library of internship information.
Research Opportunities
Research opportunities are available in a wide range of disciplines available to undergraduate students.
The Penn State Washington Program
Provides students with a semester-long internship experience. Students are placed in internships appropriate to their majors, interests, and career goals. The program also offers classes, housing, special events, and programs. For more information, contact Scott Colburn at 215-801-6737 or
Women in Science and Engineering Research (WISER)
Offers students an opportunity to do research in a Penn State lab at University Park for credit the first semester and for the choice of wages or credit in the second semester of participation in the program. Female first-year students who intend to major in Agricultural Sciences, Earth and Mineral Sciences, Engineering, Health and Human Development, Information Sciences and Technology, or Science are eligible. DUS students may apply. For more information, contact Jeanine Emigh, 218 Earth-Engineering Sciences Building, 814-865-2535, or

Individual College Resources

College of Agricultural Sciences
Discover resources that support student success in agricultural sciences fields at Career & Internship Opportunities. Additionally, students may visit the college's Center for Experiential Learning and Career Services, located in 110 Ag Admin Building.
College of Arts and Architecture
Students are encouraged to participate in internships and/or externships. Students in degree programs can work with their departments to plan these kinds of educational experiences. Opportunities are varied and include those related to the School of Visual Arts and others.
Smeal College of Business
Applications and information for the Internship Program are available online and in 114 Business Building, 814-863-6161.
College of Communications
To express interest in internships in the College of Communications, students should follow the directions at
College of Earth and Mineral Sciences

Internship information can often be accessed via departmental websites. Interested students should also contact their department's advising coordinators who often are the first to learn of new opportunities. The college's director of academic advising, Hilleary Himes, maintains an extensive list of internship websites, which are good places to begin a search.

Students in the college's engineering majors are also eligible for the Engineering Cooperative Education and Professional Internship Program.

College of Education

Student teaching for students in art education, elementary education, secondary education, and special education is coordinated by the college's Curriculum and Instruction Field Experiences Office, 170 Chambers Building, 814-865-1734. Student teaching for students in agricultural education, music education, and health and physical education is coordinated by these departments.

For information on rehabilitation internships, visit the Rehabilitation and Human Services internship site.

Other opportunities may be available through Career Services in 101 Bank of America Career Services Center, 814-865-5131.

College of Engineering
Students are encouraged to gain work experience through the Cooperative Education and Professional Internship Program. Although this experience is optional, it is highly recommended. The co-op option allows a student to alternate multiple semesters of paid career-related experiences with semesters of classroom study during his or her last two years of study. The internship option allows a student to participate in one-time experiences anytime after his or her first semester of study. For more information, contact the Engineering Cooperative Education and Professional Internship Office, 205 Hammond Building, 814-863-1032.
College of Health and Human Development
Most majors offer practical experiences, internships, clinicals, or practicums. In some cases, the work experience is completed as a requirement for the degree and is included in a credit-bearing course. To discuss work experience opportunities through one of the nine undergraduate majors, please contact the Student Services Center in 5 Henderson Building (814-865-2156) to schedule an appointment with an academic adviser. The center will schedule an appointment for students to meet with a department/school adviser for a discussion on major-specific requirements. For additional information on the majors, visit the College of Health and Human Development website.
College of Information Sciences and Technology
Information about IST internships can be found online. Under certain circumstances, DUS students may be eligible to apply for IST internships. Contact the Coordinator of Internship Services (104 IST Building, 814-865-4509) for more information.
College of the Liberal Arts
Information is available through the Liberal Arts Career Enrichment Network in 5 Sparks Building, 814-865-1070. You can also access the information at Internships.
Eberly College of Science

The Co-op Program and Internship Program provide excellent opportunities for Eberly College of Science students to integrate academic study with relevant experience in the workplace. Students participating in these programs can gain academic credit and valuable work experience related to their major.