Scheduling a Course That's Full

Trying to get into a class that always seems to be full? While there aren't any guarantees, these tips should help you get the courses you want.

Course Watch List

This is an eLion application that allows you to "watch" up to ten class sections per semester. If a seat in one of these sections opens, you'll get an e-mail or text message alert. Then try adding that section to your schedule as soon as possible. Open seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Instructions for adding courses to your watch list are available at Help for Course/Registration Watch List.

Note: Even if you are on the Course Watch List, consider taking the steps below to improve your chances of gaining a seat in the course you want.

Keep Trying

Keep trying the Schedule of Courses and eLion - you never know when a new section of the course could be added or when someone might drop the course.

If the course you're trying to schedule is full, try re-entering the schedule number again later. If that section or other sections of the same course open up, eLion will list them for you.

Contact the Department

Try calling or stopping by the department offering the course to ask:

  • Is there any way I can schedule this course?
  • Is it likely that more sections are going to be added? If so, when?
  • Is there a waiting list? If so, can you get your name added to the list?
  • What is the name of the instructor? This will allow you to call, e-mail, or visit the instructor during their office hours to ask what they would recommend to do if you really wanted or needed to take their course.

Note: Department phone numbers and office locations for each course are listed in the Schedule of Courses and in the Department Directory.

Check World Campus

Check World Campus course availability in the Schedule of Courses. (World Campus courses are available only on the Web.) Click on the appropriate semester and select "World Campus (WD)" from the pull-down lists for campus and location. If the course you want is available, check the World Campus section of the Undergraduate Advising Handbook for registration information.

Schedule a Good Alternative

With the help of your adviser, try to find a good alternative to the course that's full.

Wait Until the Semester Begins

Many courses will have space available within the first week of classes. If it's okay with the instructor, sit in on the class even if you can't add it at that point. That way, you'll be sure you really want the course and you won't have missed anything if you can add it later.

Get Help from the Instructor

Ask the course instructor to sign a registration drop/add form giving you permission to enroll (even though the class is full). If the instructor signs this form, take it to the department for approval and processing. If the department does process the "override," double-check your schedule to be sure that the course you added doesn't conflict with other courses already on your schedule.

The Bottom Line

Don't settle for courses that aren't appropriate just because they're available! Keep working on your schedule until you're satisfied with it.

For additional help in scheduling courses, take a look at Registration Information.